Page & Company Dance Academy

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Page & Co Dance Academy

2001 Spring Recital - "Hooray For Hollywood" - with River City gymnastics

At this point we had already moved into our new building (april 1, 2001) - We joined forces with River City Gymnastics and Miss Lisa's for our final recital together. At this time we only taught Hip Hop, Baton and Pom Pon.



"PG - 13"

The Original Hip Hop Crew

The Group that started our hip hop rein !!!!!


Paige Hurst, Makenna Page, Briana Corder, Somer Page, & Shannon Tollet

with Jasen Page - Choreographer

Briana, Paige, Somer, Makenna, & Shannon

Pictured below are only our groups from Page & Company with the exception of the first photo.  This was a tap number from Miss Lisa's but two of our students were in this number.  

"Good Ship Lollipop"

Jayleigh Page - 1st child in the middle row

Haley Parkes - 2nd child on the top row



"Nice And Slow"

Marshall Gambill, Josh Dodson, John Jensen, Jasen Page, & Brent MacDonald

Not Pictured: Zac Short


"Kung Fu Fighting"

Jodi Smolsky, Ashley Sawatsky, Brittany Wakefield, Jessica Chadwick, & Cassie Duhamel

"Bare Necessities"

Sweet Heart Twirlers

Jayleigh Page, Kayla St John, & Haley Parkes


"Son Of Man"

Jr Allstar Twirlers

Lindsey Sled, Heaven Boaz, Chelsea Hunter, & Melanie Jackson


"Bring It On"


Melanie Jackson, Jill Smolsky, Ashley LeFevre, Ashley Sawatsky, Heaven Boaz, Lacy Green, Lindsey Martin, Jodi Smolsky, Ashley Conard, Cassie Duhamel, Macey Moats, Mallory Moats, Brittany Wakefield


"Sugar, Sugar"

Jr. Twirlers

Ashley Cotroneo, LeNoir Lewis, Lacy Green, Kayleigh Hunter, Taylor Kerley, Jill Smolsky, & Chelsi Bunker


"Do You Love Me?"

Jr. Twirlers

LeNoir Lewis, Kayleigh Hunter, Jill Smolsky, Taylor Kerley, Chelsi Bunker, & Amber Heathwaite



Jr Allstar Twirlers

Heaven Boaz, Melanie Jackson, Lindsey Sled, & Chelsea Hunter


Candid Recital Backstage Pics

Includes Members of "Dawg Pound"

Justin Haas, Jon Cotroneo, Wade Osterberg

with Jodi & Jill Smolsky & Brittany Wakefield

Jayleigh, Kayla & Haley

Brooklyn Page (Cunningham), Jayleigh, Miss Somer,

Haley & Kayla

Allison, Heaven, Emily, Chelsea & Lindsey

Ashley, Mallory, Lindsey, Macey, Jodi, Brittany & Ashley

Jodi, Ms Tammy, Miss Somer, Jill, & Miss Makenna

Zac Short


Jodi & Brittany

Jodi & Miss Somer

Taylor, Chelsi, LeNoir, Jill, Ashlee, Kayleigh & Lacy


Jill and Miss Makenna

Mallory & Macey

LeNoir & Jill

PG 13 - Changing Faces

Makenna Page, Somer Page, Briana Corder, Kristen Bextermueller, Paige Hurst & Jasen

PG 13 - changing Faces again :)

Sheryl Sweeny, Makenna Page, Briana Corder, Nicole Kennard, & Somer Page