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June 15, 2019

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June 10, 2017
…from my heart to yours…

August 10, 2015

It’s so hard to believe that the summer of ’15 is almost a memory…gearing up for a new year of dance often puts things back in perspective for me.  This past year has been a whirlwind of activity for me and my family.  I have a new husband by my side as of this past May 29th.  Somer was married in January, and Makenna will be a bride in just 4 more short days.  New babies EVERYWHERE….LOL.  I have moved into a new home which has been such an amazing blessing.  Jasen just moved into his new home a week ago, Makenna has relocated as well.  NO MORE BOXES…LOL.   

But all the while, in the chaos and comings and goings…My Lord has been ever constant holding tightly to my right hand.  His presence never waivers.  I am so thankful for the presence of God in my life and in the lives of those around me.  Days can become tough in this world, but there is always a peace that forges ahead of me as God takes the lead not only in life, but within the walls of Page & Company as well.

So moving forward into a new year, new adventures, with God a step ahead of me forging the way….I ask His divine guidance for myself, my family, our staff.  

Please continue to ask God to watch over our amazing staff…I know prayers are answered…

For Hannah….remember her as she begins her first year of college, and her first year as full time staff at Page & company as our ballet instructor.

For Jayleigh….she begins her second year of college, and continues to press towards the mission field in Haiti.   Please lift her up as she takes on the task of reaching and teaching our tiniest dancers.

For Alison….as she begins a new adventure with new responsibilities as a full time teacher for Beebe Schools. She has recently relocated to Cabot and will be driving to Beebe to teach each day.

For Laurie….as she adjusts to her relocation to Cabot, deals with her new commute to Little Rock each day, and sends her baby girl off to a New Junior High experience.

For Summer…as she continues juggeling her two jobs sending her baby off to kindergarten, and taking on more responsibilities at the studio with tumble tots and cheer prep.

For Makenna…as she becomes a new bride and expands her family by 3, sends her oldest to Junior High, her baby girl to 2nd grade and strives to continue her studies while taking care of Aysa and working at the studio.  Not to mention her two new daughters who currently have a long distance relationship with dad and their soon to be new step mom.

For Somer…as she has begun taking classes all the while tending to her four children.  Tyler off to 6th grade, Torrance 4th, and Millie and Rylee doing what toddlers and infants do.   Oh, and don’t forget she will be hard at it growing dancers at the studio each week.

For Jasen….as he adjusts to his new home, sends his baby boy off to Kindergarten…aceepts that he has a daughter in her second year of college and begins a new adventure in the dance world. 

For Me….as I begin my new life with Chad and continue to adjust to the new life God has blessed me with.  As I move forward into a new year with new little hearts and dancing feet to tend to.  

For our junior staff…that they understand the task set before them, they strive to be good students, and amazing teachers…

and for our dancers….that God would keep them healthy, and happy.  That they will find family within the walls of Page & Company, and that they may know that love abounds within our walls.  May each and everyone experience an amazing year as our students.

My prayer is that we just do it as God intends, and do everything to His Glory.  Because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.  Did I lift high the name of Jesus?  Did I show love to those around me?  Did others see Jesus in me?  

Today is a another day to touch lives and praise God !

See you on the dance floor !

June 6, 2015
June 23, 2012

Wow!!  Here we are again !  Seems like we were just doing this a few weeks ago.  Amazing how time flies when you get older…and older…and older… Year 11 is now a part of Page & Company history !

I want to begin by giving all of the Glory and Praise to my Lord Jesus Christ.  His love is so amazing to me.  It’s wonderful for me to know that His Hand is in every part of our studio home.  I may error, and often do…but God’s love for our studio family is always perfect !

We have been blessed at Page & Company with the most amazing staff.  Each one has been hand picked by God and placed in our lives as He has directed.  Sure makes me secure in who we have teaching your children 🙂

Not a day goes by that I do not miss my mom (our Nam), this is our second recital without her loving guidance and cheering section.  My, how I miss her loving presence in my everyday life.  But just like last years performance, I have no doubt that mom is occupying the best seat in the house.

Thank you for trusting your dancers, from the tiniest toes to those all grown up and leaving the nest, to us.  It’s a great honor to know that you have placed your dancers in our hands.  Not only do we consider it an honor, but a great responsibility as well.  I try to teach my instructors that not only are they often a child’s first exposure to the world of dance, but they are also the creators of dreams and fond memories, not only for our dancers, but often for their extended family as well.

This year we dropped the ball and decided to just cut loose for one recital…or actually, just ‘cut footloose’.  Something totally fun and relaxed.

May all of the happy dancing feet you watch today bring you great joy and mounds of laughter.  May you see His handiwork on the stage before you.  For without God there would be no reason to dance !

God’s blessings !


(I hope you enjoy Momma !  I hope we have made you proud!)

“Let them praise His name in the dance”  Psalm 149:3

May 27, 2011

As this year begins to wind down I have taken some time to reflect on this past year.  This has been a year of life changes for many of us.  The Lord saw fit to bring many new amazing students and incredible parents into our world, for that I am so very thankful.  We have seen many of our dance families bring new little lives into our midst and we have been eagerly watching them grow….new babies are such a blessing in this crazy world.  Miss Courtney is about to be a bride in a few weeks and Miss Liz is recently engaged with a wedding planned for September.  Ms Felicia is now sporting an engagement ring as well. Miss Anna has recently said goodbye to two grandparents, as countless others have suffered the heartache of saying goodbye to loved ones this year.

Many of our families are dealing with deployment as well. 

We have experienced an incredible competition season, being named Nexstar Regional Grand Champions has so far definitely been a highlight of our season.  We watched the water rise and seep into the building for the first time in 10 years….right in the middle of a competition weekend.  I actually had the experience of riding in a row boat to the studio using ‘shovels’ as paddles….LOL. 

We are slowly working to finish the construction inside of our building, with many more things planned for our new year. I LOVE the new floor in the new lobby :).

My heart is still numb from the recent loss of my mom.  Many of you never knew her, but those of you who have been with us for 5 or more years….there is no doubt that you experienced my mom in some way.  Mom is responsible for ‘Page & Co.”….she saw my dream, and put it in motion.  She purchased the land and building in 2001 and was right there building walls, laying tile and painting.  She was so proud of our little studio. She didn’t miss a recital in our 10 years, made it to most of our parades and competitions. She was at our Nexstar competition and was able to see little Layla dance for the first time on the “BIG STAGE” (as Layla calls it).  That was her last Page & Co performance experience.  Mom loved watching her grands and great grands dance. She was often sewing costumes, making tutu’s, creating headpieces and anything else she could find to do. There are still days that the last place I want to be is the studio, I see so much of my mom in those walls, so much of her love is written into our studio. She was excited that our 10th year recital was going to be hosted the day before her birthday this year…we had plans for a big weekend of celebration. There are soooo many people who reached out to us during our families loss, sooo many thank you’s from my family to yours.  The food, the flowers, watching grandbabies, cleaning the studio, cards, an incredible gift of love from “A circle of friends”…and most importantly prayers !!!  Hundreds of them sent up on our behalf. I have been blessed with an incredible Page & Co staff and junior staff who stepped up without anyone having to ask.  I have learned so much about love and what is important in life during this time.  I have been forever changed, my heart has been altered in many ways.  But through it all….the happiness, the joys, the sorrow, the emptiness….I have known my Lord.  I have felt His mighty arms wrapped so very tightly around me.  As a family we have experienced His caring and loving protection in ways that we will never be able to convey.  Our God is an amazingly awesome God…He binds up the broken hearted and keeps them until they are ready to face the world again. I praise You God for Your incredible goodness !

Our prayers are now continuously with the families who have recently lost loved ones in the Tornado’s and floods.  We have 2 sister studios who join us at Nationals each year from Joplin.  Both studio’s have been completely destroyed, and many of their dance families have been directly affected by this tragedy.  They have lost loved ones, homes, employement, schools, churches….but through it all, I know first hand what my God can do to ease their pain and heal their hearts….although it is a slow process at times….it will come. 

“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much” James 5:16. 

Do not underestimate the power of prayer 🙂 .

June 28, 2010 Nationals…..

Wow….what an incredible week we had in Panama City Florida.  Thank you to my staff, dancers and parents for such a wonderful week!!

It’s very difficult when you travel to such a beautiful place with inviting beaches and so many exciting things to do…to remember the actual purpose for the trip. LOL.

Congratulations to Anna Hudson, Kayla Grimes, Ashley Bingham, Ashley Clark and Brittani Detar for your amazing performance with the Showcase Opening number.  It was great seeing some of ‘my’ dancers up on that stage :).  To Shaylin Mathis, Tyler Johnsen, Aubryn Cunningham and Sydney Davis…my hat is off to you guys…National Showcase runner up !!!  Woot woot !! How exciting !  “Let’s get married” did a great job at this Nationals….Out of 580 acts…you guys took home 1 of 6 Entertainment awards !!!  Talk about amazing !

Congratulations to everyone who danced to represent Page & Co Dance Academy….well done !

I did manage to catch a few waves while near the beach…they mostly just bounced around my ankles as they rushed the shore though. LOL.   I did see the most amazing rainbows…and even caught a glimpse of the end of one of those brilliant rainbows as it settled gently on the beach right outside my balcony.  The sight of Dolphins playing nearby and the full moon reflecting off of the ocean waters…those are among the memories I carry away from this competition.  Being amongst some of God’s most wonderful creations can put things in perspective at times. I am in awe of His handy work…and scattered in the midst of all of these amazing sights were hundreds of smiling faces…the dancers, the kar staff, proud parents, my grandchildren and my children.

Condo rental for 1 week in Panama City: $$$$$$$$$

Gas to get to panama city: $$$$$$$$

Fun adventures while in panama city: $$$$$$$$$$

Competition fees for our dancers: $$$$$$$$$

Watching Layla chase little crabs in the sand with a tiny flashlight and a bucket: PRICELESS 


Thank you Page & Co family for a wonderful week 🙂

May 28, 2010 First…thank you for such a wonderful recital !!!! Dancers… you were absolutely amazing !

…another wonderful year of dance is about to come to a close as we celebrate this afternoon with our 9th Spring Recital !!!!

Once again the Page family and Staff would like to thank you for sharing this special time with us and our students.  Much preparation has gone into today’s performance…I am certain you will enjoy.

I would like to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for the many blessings He has showered on my personal family and my studio family this past year.  His love never ceases to amaze me !  Our greatest miracle this year has been the arrival of little Eva Isabella…most certainly God’s hand at work in the lives of Robert, Brooke and Eva…their union as a family is not only evidence of His amazing love, but of answered prayer.

Though it seems hectic at times, I can look around me and KNOW that my Lord is alive and well…watching, smiling and enjoying the eager hearts of your children and my own.

Thank you to our parents, grandparents and extended family who work hard to see that the dancers you will enjoy today have this wonderful opportunity to explore the amazing world of dance.  We thank you for choosing us, Page & Co Dance Academy, to fill that place in the lives of your children.  We do not take this responsibility lightly…we know that we are often a tiny dancers first dance teacher…we understand how the gift of dance can change lives and mold confidant adults.

Our paths have not crossed by accident…as the Lord moves among us I find that I am so thankful for each tiny life He places in our midst.  May we in some way be a portion of blessing to you and your family today.

God’s Blessings….Tammy

“Let them praise His name in the dance…” psalm 149:3